Where to dive locally

Crusty's Quarry

Crustys Quarry is a privately owned training and recreational diving facility just minutes from the Grove City Outlets in Volant, PA. The daily dive fee is only $20 or they offer season passes. The facility is equipped with a dive store with apparel and your save a dive needs, air fill capabilities, changing rooms, full rental scuba and snorkeling equipment, bathroom, training platforms, and underwater attractions. https://sites.google.com/view/crustys-quarry/home

Gilboa Quarry

WELCOME TO GILBOA QUARRY – https://gilboaquarry.com At $35 a day, Gilboa is the premier Midwest destination for divers of all levels, free divers, and snorkelers. Boasting spring fed clear waters, a wide variety of fishes, and a host of underwater attractions – Gilboa Quarry has been serving the SCUBA diving community for over 30 years. With max depths sitting at 60ft on the shallow side and 140ft on the deep, Gilboa has long been the perfect location for both novice and technical divers to practice their skills.

Blue Hole Quarry

Blue Hole Quarry in Williamsburg, PA https://www.laureldivers.com/quarry Blue Hole is a private quarry and you must be a member of the Laurel Divers Club or go as a student with instructor or guest of a member.

White Star Quarry

http://www.whitestarquarry.com/index.html At $20 a day for diving White Star is place to dive that understands that recreational activities are important to you. It is also a place where we can bring our non-diving friends and family with us, without having to pay to have them sit and watch. You are welcome to bring friends and family (and even your dog) at NO CHARGE!