Meet the team

T.J. Lloyd

T.J. has been an active diver since 1984 and a NAUI instructor since August of 1986. Although most of T. J.’s diving experience has been in the freshwater quarries, lakes, and Great Lakes of the Northeastern U.S., he has also logged numerous dives off the Atlantic coast, Canada, the Carolinas, Florida’s springs, Florida’s coast, the Keys and the Bahamas.
T. J. is certified to participate in cavern diving, wreck diving, and deep diving. He also may certify divers in Nitrox diving, Drysuit, Full face, Ice diving, Rescue diving, Equipment care & maintenance, Night diving, Advanced diver, Masterdiver, and leadership levels including, Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, and originally qualified as a NAUI Course Director in 1992, has certified qualified candidates as NAUI Instructors.

Joshua Poole

Joshua has been diving for 14 years, teaching for 9 years. He has over 2000 dives in various conditions/skills.
He teaches anything from scuba diver to instructor with many specialities, does commercial repairs/inspections, search & salvage diving, surveying, and pool repairs. His wife and son join him on many adventures and little man is an instructor in training already!
He says “Scuba diving training is suppose to be safe, relaxing, and fun and that’s what I aim for when teaching. Become a safe, knowledgeable, and confident diver in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.”

  • Scuba instructor
  • Scuba diver
  • Advanced Scuba Diver
  • Nitrox diver
  • Deep diver
  • Rescue diver
  • Advanced Rescue diver
  • Search and Recovery Diver
  • Master diver
  • Ice diver
  • Underwater video/photographer
  • Drysuit diver
  • Underwater archeology
  • Underwater hunting and collecting
  • Wreck diver
  • Other certs-
  • Whale shark diver
  • Green fins diver
  • First aid/cpr
  • Dan member

Mike Phillips

Mike began diving in 2004 when he fell in love with the underwater world while vacationing in Jamaica. Since then he has dove many of the Caribbean islands and never met a shark he didn’t like. Mike also dives the colder waters in western PA and Ohio where the wildlife is equally interesting, if a little tamer. Mike is currently a NAUI Assistant Instructor and has been training new divers for the past four years.

Mike especially enjoys working with younger divers and those with special needs encouraging the next generation of scuba divers and welcoming them into the sport.

John Urban

John has quite the experience and diving history!
1970 YMCA certification for scuba diving
1973 PADI certified as basic scuba diver
1995 PADI certified as advanced scuba diver
1997 changed over to NAUI certified master scuba diver
1999 NAUI certified as divemaster
Active diving for recreation and training of new students as a dive master.
Total diving experience 42 years and 22 years as Divemaster!

Pictured on the left he is diving at blue hole
with a friend back in 1972

Lauren Kratzenberg

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m a newly certified NAUI Divemaster. I have a special love for fish and all things aquatic, but I also really love dogs. I’ve been diving for 7 years, assisted teaching for 6, and aspire to be an instructor one day. I’m currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania with a prospective Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy with a focus in Lake Erie Harmful Algal Blooms.
In 2018 I did a study abroad in Australia where I studied Marine Biology and dove the Great Barrier Reef as often as I could. Other certifications I have are Advanced Rescue, Underwater Archaeology (PASST Survey Diver 1), Drysuit, Nitrox, and DAN (DEMP).

Bo Kwasny

Diving for 14 years and teaching for 9 years
Teach from open water to instructor
Bsa ” boy scout of america” merit badge counselor
Bsa assistant scout master
My son is my dive buddy and also a certified advanced diver

Dive east coast and mid west states
Open water, Nitrox, Advanced diver,
Deep diver, Advance rescue diver
Master diver, Drysuit diver,
Underwater hunting and collecting,
Wreck diver, Night diver, Search & recovery and Digital imaging

If you don’t find me under water you will find me at the race track

Chris Baradziej

Chris’s love of scuba started his very first dive in 2018 – he came across manta rays, turtles, and octopuses in the beautiful waters of Bali, Indonesia accompanied by great friends. Since then he dove every chance he could get, earning his Open Water, EANx, Advanced Open Water, Master Diver, Advanced Rescue Diver, Training Assistant, and DEMP certifications along the way to over 100 different dives.

In addition to his own training during the last few years, Chris has also been sharing his passion and helping to train new divers at Randy’s Dive Shop where he is currently finishing up his Divemaster certificate. Chris has experience in and enjoys many different types of diving such as night diving, shipwrecks, caverns, drift, and deep diving. Some of his favorite locations are Devil’s Den and Key Largo in Florida, The Black Wall in Puerto Rico, and of course any place he can help new people experience the wonderful world of underwater! 

Barb & Van McGhee

Do we even need an intro here? Even though they are stepping into retirement, Chaia is keeping good with her vow to never let them go and keep them close. Barb and Van ran the shop for 40 years… did you read that?? FORTY YEARS!!
They have been invaluable to us and we plan to keep them involved as long as they can stand us!

Chaia & Aaron Schilke

We are the new owners of Randy’s Dive Shop. While getting our Open Water certification with Josh Poole at the YMCA, we found out that Barb and Van were ready to retire from the shop. One discussion led to another and here we are!

We have 2 boys, Asher & Caleb. We love anything to do with the outdoors and spend all our free time hiking, biking, camping, kayaking and of course now SCUBA!

We are so excited for this new chapter and look forward to all the relationships we will build and the adventures we will have with you all! 

Stephanie & Jimmy Cook

Stephanie and Jimmy are new divers, getting certified along Chaia & Aaron. They love the outdoors and their 3 furry sidekicks. You will see them often in the shop- they are the right hands to Chaia and Aaron. Stephanie is Chaia’s younger sister and they are inseparable!

Lou Minardi

As a young mulleted, chaps wearing, Harley enthusiast, Lou Minardi didn’t think life could get better, then he discovered the magical world of Scuba. Soon after getting certified, Lou became one of the first Mer-men at Weeki Watchee Springs Florida. After a short stint there, he went on to become the first man to Scuba Dive on the moon. He even received presidential recognition of bravery for fighting off the first documented encounter with the Scubacabra. It was then that he decided it was time to settle down. Lou started his journey of becoming an instructor in 2013, shortly after the birth of his twins. His ever loving, stunningly beautiful, patient and supportive wife beside him. He has become a pillar in our shop and we could not do without him. He had a proud Dad moment this year, as his twins earned their Scuba Certification!