Local Diver of the West Penn Scuba Diver’s Club Making Headlines

Jeannie Loughry might just be the oldest female scuba diver IN THE WORLD!

Jean completed her 627th dive at Epcot last year on May 19th, 2015. Although we are still researching who actually holds the World Record, Dive Quest presented her with a certificate, T-shirt, stamped her log book and gave her a DVD of the dive (everyone else had to buy it for $35.00). She had a fabulous time. And She got to surprise her Sister! After the dive they went to Naples and surprised her sister Nellie on her 90th birthday.

Thanks to all who sent her cards, she was thrilled !!

Known Guinness Book of World Records
Nothing can be found on the Guenness Book of World Records website regarding the oldest Female Scuba Diver, certain paperwork has to be filled to make an inquiry.

This is what we do know:

  • The oldest scuba diver (from shore) is Saul Moss (Australia, b. 27 July 1924) who completed an unassisted dive at Bare Island, Sydney, Australia, on 1 August 2009, at the age of 85 years and 14 days. Mr Moss broke his own record and dove to a depth of 13 m (42.65 ft) for a period of 40 minutes.
  • The oldest scuba diver on record is Erwin Paul Staller (USA, b. 14 May 1921) who completed a dive at Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos, on 24 October 2014, at the age of 93 years and 163 days. His dive lasted 36 minutes at a maximum depth of 52 ft (15.85 m)

Jean has applied to the Guinness Book of World Records and we are awaiting confirmation to see if she made the record!

You can read more in an article posted by Trib Total Media: http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/8891622-74/loughry-dive-scub

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