Randy’s Dive Shop Comments on 2020

WOW! What a crazy mess 2020 was!

We certainly could have lived a healthy and productive life without ever experiencing a pandemic….Right? However, it hasn’t been a complete wash for Randy’s Dive Shop. Since so many ditched the idea of traveling, many have taken their vacation funds and learned to scuba dive. This is a wonderful idea for family fun. I’m not just saying this because we teach scuba but because it is an amazing and unique sport and learning experience. In addition, it’s preparing you for the future when you can travel and dive in the “to many to count” beautiful locations here in the U.S. and world wide.

Randy’s Dive Shop returned to Bonaire in February 2020 just before the pandemic shut down. There is nothing bad to report about Bonaire. It is a pristine dive destination. The group stayed at the DIvi Flamingo Beach Resort. The Divi is within walking distance to town which is great for dinner. A breakfast and lunch package was part of the stay. This made things very convenient for the divers to make the 8:30 a.m. dive boat. Coming off the dive boat at noon, get your gear rinsed and off to lunch. In the afternoon, dive the beautiful reef in front of the Divi, do a couple of the many shore dives off Bonaire or just hang out pool side. It’s your vacation.

The remaining organized dives in 2020 were all local (meaning within the tri-state). This worked well to keep divers safe from enclosed area’s (planes and boats). We still had fun in lakes and quarries.

It certainly was different from the previous 38 years we have been in business. This year we are going to continue local diving. The possibility of a dive trip to the U.S. Virgin islands are in the works. This dive shop owner feels much better about taking divers to a location within the U.S. I have many reasons for this (access to medical care, your health insurance coverage, they speak English in the Virgin Island hospitals among other reasons). I take very seriously the health and safety of those traveling with Randy’s Dive Shop. Though we have been vaccinated (and if you haven’t PLEASE do so) we do not know what different variations this virus can bring.

Like 2020, 2021 will have lots of local diving. But hey, that’s okay! Get out on those weekends and get wet! Please remember to check back on the Randy’s Dive Shop website for summer dive opportunities.

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